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The Association of Computing Machinery-Women at Illinois Tech provides support and mentorship to women in the Computer Science department. We have frequent meetings and events dedicated to creating a community for women in Computer Science here. We want to provide a safe place for women from all backgrounds can learn together and feel supported. We also send students to conferences and hackathons from time to time, and are committed to providing career support to under-represented students.  Although we started as CS majors, we welcome all students in computing or electrical engineering. 

As IIT students ourselves, we want to make this a diverse campus where students can succeed beyond the classroom. While our membership is primarily women, we also welcome male allies committed to helping more diverse voices in computing are heard and respected.  This fall, we will have our lounge opened up for office hours. Come in for help with CS classes, regardless of major. Our lounge is in the Tower, Room 10C5-1, and the hours are available on our facebook page or the documents section of this Hawklink profile.

The purpose of this organization is to encourage and support women in computing so they may reach their full potential, provide a forum to discuss gender disparities in STEM fields, and inspire new generations of women to consider a career in computing.

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