CyberHawk Security

Organization Information

Are you interested in cybersecurity but aren't sure where to get started? Then join the Illinois Tech CyberHawks! We are Illinois Tech's cybersecurity student organization focused on providing technical and practical cybersecurity skills for our members. Join us for our cybersecurity seminar series to get introduced to the field or test your skills by joining our special project teams. No previous cybersecurity experience required!

Mission Statement:

The Illinois Tech CyberHawks provide an environment for learning and applying cybersecurity skills. Each semester we hold a cybersecurity seminar series to learn the ins-and-outs of cybersecurity. For students interested in a challenge, specialized projects are available each semester that dive deeper into cybersecurity trends. In the past we've participated in the DOE CyberForce competition and started our own internal competition, the CyberHawks Cyber Challenge.

Welcome from Leadership:

On behalf of our executive board, welcome to the Illinois Tech CyberHawks! All of our events are open to students of all skill levels, so don't be shy in attending one of our more challenging projects or seminars. Feel free to reach out to any of our executive board members to learn more about how to get involved or learn more about our organization.

Organization Meeting Place:                                               Organization Meeting Time:

Discord Link -                         Tuesdays, 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm CST

Organization Officers

David Arnold                                                            President                                                        [email protected] 

Piotr Palka                                                               Vice President & Treasurer                            [email protected] 

John Ford                                                                Red Team Program Manager                         [email protected] 

Przemyslaw Warias                                                 Blue Team Program Manager                        [email protected] 

Tyree Spears                                                           Red Team Seminar Lead                               [email protected] 

Alex Maliwat                                                            Secretary                                                       [email protected] 

Grace Arnold                                                           Publicity Chair                                                [email protected]

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