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Students of all experience and interest levels are encouraged to attend events. Machine Learning has a variety of applications, and being able to implement relevant computational tools gives people the power to improve the current state of their environments. Those environments may be in the medical field, business operations, genomics, or transportation. Students of all majors would benefit from membership to [email protected], where they can make long-lasting connections and gain an understanding of Machine Learning uses. [email protected] will introduce individuals to lots of new topics, expanding their knowledge and skillsets, thereby improving job prospects.

[email protected] values hands on experience and as such will hold a multitude of project-based events with opportunities for ongoing collaborative research. Many workshops will bring in data engineers and the like to guide students through projects. Student-conducted projects may make use of Kaggle and GitHub. Members are not expected to have prior exposure to Machine Learning. Students with some programming background and some concepts of probability, statistics, calculus, and linear algebra will have the greatest benefit from project-based events. If you don't have the prerequisite programming or mathematical knowledge, you can learn at some of our lecture-based educational events. We also hope to provide teaching assistance during project lab sessions.

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Machine learning Community is for the student want to see future with machine learning and AI

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Educational events will be held to present interesting research works by students and faculty members from IIT or other institutions. Opportunities for ongoing lectures will be provided. The organization may collaborate with the Applied Mathematics department and Computer Science department, as well as those involved in the Master of Data Science or the Master of Science in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research

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